Taboo: Things you Should NEVER Say to Anyone!

We are so busy learning what to say and what to do that we tend to forget what not to say and what not to do.

Great leadership is not a walk in the park. There are some traits that separate a great leader from a bunch of good leaders. One of these traits is to know what NEVER to say.

However, most of us have the habit of saying these things all the time. Do you, too? Find out what these things are and make sure you never repeat them.

“No surprises, please”

Some leaders hate surprises because these surprises can crumple everything they planned. Surprises in business generally insinuate bad news and that is the reason why leaders are so scared. They lose control of the task and are embarrassed to admit it. That is why they make it clear that they don’t want to hear any surprise.

A great leader works in the opposite manner. Instead of scowling at the word “surprise,” a great leader will be prepared to hear it and control things accordingly. The leader knows that if he doesn’t welcome surprises his employees will hide them from him and that will only make matters worse.

“If you were . . ., what would you be?”

Contrary to the popular belief, such questions will not help you learn anything about the other person. What water body would you be or which animal would you be or which color do you love the most are all nonsensical questions when it comes to judging a person’s character. Many ask these questions during the interview process thinking that the answers to these questions will help them figure the candidate out. Wrong.

“Please don’t mind. Don’t take it personally.”

Why? Why do you say that? You are talking to that person, right? You are talking ABOUT that person. How should he/she NOT take it personally and why should he/she not take it personally? It is obviously personal! How would you like it if someone told you something about your work or leadership and just prefaced it with the sentence so that you don’t ‘feel bad’? Not really good, right? Exactly.

Steer clear of these sentences and be a better leader automatically.

Entrepreneurial Learning

As a leader you should know what to say and when. You should also know what not to say. Many people have the habit of saying things and then saying not to take it personally. Others want to stay away from surprises. Many others want to figure out a person by asking stupid questions. Don’t be one of these people.