No More TGIF. Let’s Make It TGIM!

Most of us slog through the week to make it to Saturday and when we do, we rejoice! Thank God It’s Friday! Well, why not thank God that Monday is just round the corner?

Monday marks the start of the week and that makes it highly unappealing. We want our weekend to last for another week and simply do not want to head back to work. Seeing our friends replicate those feelings, the resistance towards Monday strengthens. Well, it is time for change.

Entrepreneurs dreading Monday is actually very dreadful. That is the reason why we have come up with a solution for you. Most of your Monday depends on your Friday. So, instead of rejoicing about Friday and the upcoming weekend, you should concentrate on making the last working day of the week fruitful. When you do so, your Monday will automatically shine.

Use a part of your Friday to plan your Monday strategically so that the first day of the new week does not seem daunting anymore.


Even though it may seem very hard to concentrate on work, try doing it. Do not let your weekend plans distract you. One of the most common mistakes that many people make is procrastination. They are so excited about the weekend that they put things off until the next week, making Monday very stressful. Assess the tasks that can be completed on Friday and do them! Start your Friday with the important stuff so that in the later half you can do the less important stuff and finish off smoothly.

Plan Your Monday

You know what the upcoming week holds for you. Just pen it down. Writing down will give you a sense of knowing exactly what needs to be done. That will give you mental peace and you’ll be prepared for the day. Do not wait for Monday to plan your Monday!

Clean Your Desk

A haphazard desk is scary even when you don’t have anything to do. Clear all the clutter on Friday, thus, and your mind will be clear habitually


Solve Issues

If there are issues to be solved, solve them! Call meetings or video calls with the concerned person and address any conflicts that may bother you on Monday.

Leave the Weekend Free

The weekend is for you to enjoy and relax. Do not use it to answer work calls and reply to emails. Finish off everything including email replying on Friday itself so that you are free over the weekend. Once you relax for 2 days you will be fresh on Monday to hit the ground running.

Follow these tips and make TGIM your mantra!

Entrepreneurial Learning

Instead of procrastinating everything on Friday because you are caught up with your weekend plans, finish off all work and prepare for Monday. In that way your TGIF motto will turn into TGIM.