Good Grades Imperative for Success? Not Really

Good grades do not guarantee success.
Sure it is important to score well and have a clean academic record but it is not the only criterion for success. The positive part of getting good grades is that it shows your potential and shows that you are hard working. Plus, in the beginning the recruiter has no idea about you and will likely judge you by how well you scored in school. Getting good grades also opens quite a great number of doors for you. However, entering those doors and securing your career needs motivation, effort, patience, and determination.

Does Everyone Have Great Education?

The simple answer is no. Not everyone goes to a great school and studies. Not everyone attends college. There are many college dropouts as well. This in no way implies that everyone who has dropped out or has had consistently bad grades is not good enough. There are many examples of dropouts and people who have earned only C grade and D grade in school and college who are now very successful people.

What Contributes to Success then?

There are numerous factors that contribute to success. Three of the most important factors are passion, optimism, and hard working ability. Successful people are usually not those who have fancy grades and degrees but those who are hard working and passionate. They are willing to learn and grow in their interested field. Also, they are honest, smart, and easily dependable. Remember that ‘being smart’ goes well beyond academics.

Therefore, if you want to be an entrepreneur you should be passionate about your career. You should have that drive, which encourages you to do well. Entrepreneurs usually have the knack of making profits. If you have that in you, it doesn’t really matter how many times you scored a D while you were studying. You may not know a complex theorem or any details about the World War II but you are willing to fix the computer without turning to the technician and you are willing to find better ways of delivering products. That passion is much more important than grades.

Success Goes Beyond the Textbook

There are many things that text books don’t teach us. You indeed can’t learn how to be an entrepreneur from a textbook. There are things that you learn through experience such as how to talk to people, how to engage them, and how to network with them. No classroom teaches that!

Entrepreneurial Learning

Don’t be under the impression that success is confined to how well you performed when you were studying. Entrepreneurship comes with challenges that you have to overcome by yourself, without depending on textbook or classroom knowledge. As long as you have the passion to do well, you will succeed.