Expert Advice: Things that Every Employer Wishes Applicants Would Know

Startups generally hire entry-level candidates and that can get hectic sometimes.

There are many experts who wish every entry-level candidate knew a few things so as to refine his or her job-seeking process.

Here they are:

Be Smart While Taking the Job

Assess jobs based on your interest level and definitely not based on the pay package. It is not always about the money and it is definitely not about money in the initial stages. It is mainly about finding the right job and establishing yourself. Therefore, you should always go with the job that you find challenging and interesting even if it pays less than a job that doesn’t really interest you. When you accept a challenging position, you learn a lot. Knowledge is priceless. Especially if this is your first job you should focus on learning and developing skills more than anything else. Times may seem tough when you make this decision but believe me, they will get significantly better just because of this decision.

Remember Robert Frost’s famous poem: “I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”

You Can’t Have Everything Immediately

We live in the era of urgency. With the onset of Internet we all want everything to be instant and immediate. Well, everything doesn’t need to be immediate. Delayed gratification is generally a much better way for entry-level candidates. This means that you should first prove yourself and SHOW that you deserve X amount of money rather than ask for it upfront without proving it.

Don’t be Egotistic while Negotiating

Almost every employer realizes that it takes much more than a fancy college degree to be a great employee. Therefore, just because you think you are a star you shouldn’t negotiate with your ego. Negotiation should be based on your capability and conscience, and never on what you think of yourself.

Third Parties are NOT Needed

If you have finished college, you are surely above the age of 21. Why do you need a third party consultant at that age? Many leaders and employers say that numerous candidates bring in third parties such as their parents and say things such as, “my mom thinks I deserve to be paid this much.” Really? The person interviewing you is really not interested in what your mother thinks you deserve. He or she will decide what you deserve based on your potential.

Entry-level candidates should definitely learn these to make things easier for themselves as well as for their potential employers.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Every job applicant needs to know a few things in order to refine the job-seeking process and to help employers choose the best candidate with ease. At entry-level it is always about valuing knowledge more than money and proving yourself. Actions always speak louder than words.